Proctor Application Form

The SK Proctor Application form can be downloaded here.

If you choose to write in an agency or office, you must ensure that the proctor can clearly see all the exam candidates at the same time. Venues where people are tucked away in cubicles or offices may need to have 2-3 proctors to supervise the exam. Also, if writing in an office/agency/home, the desks used to write the exam must be clear of all papers, files and books.

ACTA has put together a list of Proctored Venues that some candidates may find convenient. Each venue lists specific dates on which they can accommodate candidates to write the exam in their facility, using the facility's computers and using an approved proctor. Exam candidates interested in using a proctored venue, rather than making their own individual or group arrangements, should review the information provided by the venue and then contact the venue directly to make arrangement.

Please note that candidates who wish to write in a Proctored Venue must still register with ACTA to write the exam. Registration must take place a minimum of 10 business days before the actual writing date of the exam. Please check the link next to the Proctored Venue before you register to ensure that there is room on the date and time you wish to write before you register with ACTA.

The following schools are offering proctored venues for the writing of the SK Qualifying and/or Bylaw Exam. Each School has its own procedures and fee in place. Any applicable proctor fees are paid directly to the Venue and are separate from the exam registration fee that is paid to ACTA.

If you are managing a Proctored venue or are interested in offering a venue for writing the SK Insurance Exams and would like to know more about the procedures to follow, please contact us at