You will need a proctor to administer the BC Insurance Exam. Download the Proctor Guidelines:
There are 2 options open to candidates:

  1. You can write the exam at a proctored venue, where a computer and proctor is available, usually for a fee of $40.00 paid directly to that venue (ACTA is not involved in arrangements between the exam candidate and the proctor) Click here to view the current list of Proctored Venues
  2. You can choose your own proctor (which ACTA has to approve) and write the exam anyplace, anytime you choose. The Proctor must read the Proctor Guidelines and then fill out the online Proctor Application Form.

What is a Proctor?

A proctor is an impartial supervisor for the writing of the exam. His or her responsibility is to:

  • Ensure the integrity of the writing of the exam
  • Make certain that there are no disruptions
  • Check the candidate's photo identification to ensure that they are the actual candidate registered to write the exam
  • Make sure the candidate completes their own exam
  • Make sure the exam starts and ends (90 minutes) on time
  • Ensure that candidates leave any excess study material outside the exam room

Who can Proctor?

The key to finding a Proctor is to ensure that there is not a conflict of interest. Conflict of interest in this context means that the proctor does not work for the same agency/organization as those who are writing the exam, and that there is no relationship between a Proctor and a candidate that could call into question the impartiality of the Proctor (eg. spouse, relative, business partner etc.) The Proctor must read the Proctor Guidelines and attest to the fact that they understand the guidelines. Examples of appropriate Proctors:

  • Someone from outside the industry who fulfills the following criteria
  • Maturity (i.e. the ability to oversee an exam)
  • No interest in the subject matter (the person has no interest in studying or working in the travel industry)
  • No conflict of interest (they have no relatives or friends in the exam sitting for which they are being asked to Proctor)
  • A person who qualifies as a passport guarantor, as long as this does not pose a conflict of interest. Please note that the ACTA Exam Proctor qualifications differ from the information on the passport guarantor website in that, for the purpose of Proctoring, a relative or spouse is not acceptable. Passport guarantor guidelines may be found here.
  • A Travel & Tourism Educator, or another academic, whether active or retired, whether associated with the travel industry or not, provided there is no conflict of interest. However, if the Travel & Tourism Educator is required to write the BC Insurance Exam, or chooses to write the exam, then they must pass the exam first.
  • A Certified Travel Counsellor or Certified Travel Manager who does not work for the same agency or agency chain and has already passed the BC Insurance Exam, provided there is no conflict of interest.
  • An agency manager who does not work for the same agency or agency chain, and who has already passed the BC Insurance exam, provided there is no conflict of interest
  • A Travel & Tourism trainer, who has no conflict of interest
  • A candidate may suggest a Proctor and ACTA will determine if this person is acceptable.
  • When a proctor and time for the exam have been arranged, registrants should register with ACTA at least 10 business days prior to the exam sitting.
  • The BC Proctor Application form can be downloaded here.