ACTA supports continuing education and believes it is an integral component to the travel professional's development.

ACTA endorses and supports certification in the Canadian Travel Industry. The educational division is the administrator for the CTC (Certified Travel Counsellor) and CTM (Certified Travel Manager) exams and process for certification and manages all aspects of certification.

The educational division of ACTA endorses community colleges, private vocational schools and correspondence programs that offer full-time and distance learning programs to train for the occupation of travel counsellor.

The endorsement indicates that your educational program is meeting or exceeding the minimum requirements for entering the travel industry as a travel counsellor and following the core curriculum set out by ACTA.

Are you a travel agent needing to write the BC or SK Insurance exam? ACTA is the administrator for both of these exams. You can access detailed information, costs and process by clicking on INSURANCE EXAM INFO.

Interested in increasing your product and destination knowledge and expertise. Visit the CONTINUING EDUCATION tab to access specialist programs, webinars and FAM trips.