This section is a source of valuable information & benefits to the members of ACTA. Typically the resources and assets available in this section range from discounts on business assets, valuable intelligence in the form of reports, specifics on industry by-laws, research, studies, and surveys including member only advisories and tips.


    Travel Fraud Prevention Resources

    Travel industry fraud. We all know that it exists in some capacity. Many of you in the Canadian Travel Industry have been directly affected by fraud in some way. ACTA is committed to educating our members on current fraud that is being experienced in our industry including the sharing of best practices in fraud prevention, as well as fraud trends in Canada.

    If you have a fraud incident that you would like to report please access the “Report Fraud Form” below to alert the ACTA Fraud Committee and share your incident with ACTA members.

    The below links are available only to ACTA members to keep you updated and educated on fraud!


    ACTA Anti-Spam Resource (CASL) Resources

    The Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA) is supporting their members as they learn to comply with Canada's New Anti-Spam legislation. In partnership with Coralie Belman, CTM and president of Coralium Consulting, ACTA is offering its members an Anti-Spam resource to help you understand the issues, clear any confusion and comply with the new legislation that came into effect July 1, 2014.

    The ACTA Anti-Spam resource includes summary documents that break down the legislation into a context that is specific to the retail travel trade and a FAQ is being offered to help answer some of the more common questions. These materials are free for ACTA members and available for download.

    ACTA understands this new law has been established to target unlawful spammers of phishing and malware e-mail however, it is essential for every ACTA member to understand how these new regulations will affect your business. Canada will be home to the strictest Anti-Spam legislation in the world.

    BILL 168

    Bill 168 Resources

    Bill 168, An Act to amend the Occupational Health and Safety Act with respect to violence and harassment in the workplace and other matters, came into effect June 15, 2010. Workplaces in Ontario are now required to have the necessary policies, programs, measures and procedures in place.