Specialist Programs

ACTA is pleased to offer access to many fine travel industry specialist and training programs to help you to increase your knowledge and level of professionalism. Here is your one stop education platform to access a world of training designed especially for Canadian travel counsellors!

For travel counsellors that are working towards their CTC designation all courses on this site have time credits that can be applied to your 1800 hours of relevant industry experience. For every completed course you will receive 2 credits per 1 hour.





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    Tour Operators/Wholesalers



    Provider Information

    Are You a Provider of Quality Education For the Travel Industry and Travel Counsellor Certification Program?

    Travel counsellors are looking for a way to distinguish themselves from the masses selling travel – many are choosing certification as one means of showing their dedication to career success and their personal commitment to providing the best client service available.
    Travel counsellors need to acquire industry related experience as one component of the certification program – so they are looking for ACTA Approved training programs from suppliers.

    What does this mean to you?

    • Success in getting your message out to the consumer marketplace through a trained professional sales force.
    • Increased registration for your training programs - travel counsellors in the certification program are genuinely interested in professional development – they want to register in your training programs.
    • Knowledgeable travel counsellors who have completed your training are promoting & selling your products and services over other suppliers.
    • Increased visibility for your specialist programs on the ACTA website which is available to all travel industry personnel in Canada.
    • Promotion to ACTA members through our newsletter.

    To add your name to our growing list of providers of specialist programs please email communications@acta.ca.