Certified Travel Counsellor (CTC) and Certified Travel Manager (CTM) Certification

Discover your true potential!
Take pride in your career!

The national travel industry designations: Certified Travel Counsellor (CTC) and Certified Travel Manager (CTM) are recognized throughout Canada. Certification recognizes an individual's competence in their occupation and provides a marketable credential to use. Certification is the mark of excellence. Across Canada, over 30,000 individuals have chosen a career as a Travel Counsellor. Counsellors with a CTC (Certified Travel Counsellor) or CTM (Certified Travel Manager) designation are recognized as being among the highest qualified travel agents. Certified travel agents and travel managers enjoy:

  • Professional recognition in the Canadian travel industry
  • Advancement within the travel industry
  • Priority and special rates on FAM trips
  • Special pricing for industry conferences
  • Pride in their careers